BRAKE CAPACITY: up to 1/2" thick X 10' long (thicker material in smaller lengths)
PLASMA CAPACITY: up to 3/4" thick on a 5' X 10' surface
SHEAR CAPACITY: up to 10ga material X 10'
ROLL CAPACITY: up to 3/8" thick X 4' in width
WELDING: 3 MIG welding stations, 1 TIG welding station.
BUILDING SIZE: 3500 sq ft.
MATERIALS STOCKED: Several tons of galvanized, satin coat, stainless & aluminum(26ga thru 10ga) as well as plate (10ga thru 1/2"). Wide assortment of structural tubing, bars, angles, pipe, etc.
SERVICE OFFERED: in shop shearing, burning, braking, punching, drilling, rolling, welding.

Quality Metal Fabricating Ltd.
164 Trowers Road.
Woodbridge, Ontario. L4L 5Z3
Tel: (905)851.7890 Fax: (905)851.1633

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